Plans for Prototype 3

The last prototype failed, but it was good because I figured out a better direction to move in that is a better way to represent my project. For the next prototype I’m revisiting my pod idea from over break, but looking at ways of making it portable. It will be a system of collapsable hoops, that will nest into each other accordion style.

picture-12 picture-22

half scale:




Prototyping Round 2: Failing Miserably….

Last week the prototype was a simple, one layer test of the project in that it was just a sack that put the user into fetal position. A lot of the criticism revolved around the fact that the sack was too reminiscent of S&M with the straps to force the user into a certain position.

For this round I built a quarter scale prototype to test internal structure as well as make a sack without the unintentional S&M references. First I started out by constructing an internal structure out of cardboard and ribbon:
1) Sketching

2) The front portion put together


3) I used one of my mother’s spare dolls as the test model, and built the support around the doll


4) Then I made the sack part of the prototype



5) A video of it all coming together….


This prototype failed on all levels. I realized it’s going to be much more difficult to build such a complicated internal structure that can be incorporated into the sack, and still maintain a certain ease of use and portability. Back to sketching phase…

Prototyping Round 1…Putting it together

This was a first attempt at making a womb sack/bag (haven’t refined the wording…). All I could find in my parents’ house was an old Popples sleeping bag, which is child size, so I attached an old sweatshirt for now.


1) Sewing the strap with the claw clasp onto the hood of the sweathshirt

02_withbag 2) with the sleeping bag


3) Pinning the bag onto the sweatshirt

05_attatched 4) All attached


5) D-rings on the knee strap


6) Attached hood to knee


7) Final position, side view

Exhibition Project Concept


First, some conceptual sketches of the final product I plan to implement for the thesis exhibition. The portable womb bag/sack provides a safe environment for the user, which shields them from the realties and expectation of adulthood. 



New project Goals:

  1. Address the negative consequences of the self-esteem movement
  2. Express the impact it has had on me and my peers
  3. Add to the current, or spark new dialogue about children and self-esteem

This project is intended to be satirical, and to make certain commentary about the millennial generation, not to create a product that would necessarily be used in real life.

Week 03 Progress Report Presentation

The second week of school ended up be more of an analytical week than expected, and I was forced to revisit not only the goals of my project, but my research as well. I have finalized a concept and I’m begun implementation of prototypes on a smaller scale. Below is a link to this weeks presentation:

Week 03 Presentation

Rough Ideas…

So I’m looking at protective gear, objects that already exist (see the diagram from previous post), and exploring how they can be translated into the language of designer objects. The challenge is converting the familiar into absurd, abstract pieces….here’s what I started with (keep in mind these are jumping off points, and future prototypes will develop from these ideas):

1) The unisex cod piece/girdle….this contraption is meant to be worn as a way of protecting the groin/stomach area. 


picture-1 picture-2

Feedback from the first presentation suggested that the products didn’t actually protect in any way, or actually address areas where we feel the ego. However, I think this product protects areas that humans feel insecure about, thus contributing to ego/self-esteem issues (in this case women’s stomachs, hence the girdle, or penis size for men, hence the oversized cup). Therefore this technically still falls into protective gear for the ego because it protects areas that have a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem).

2) the inflatable helmet (inflate to whatever size wearer feels is necessary)


picture-3 picture-42

This product protects and maintains a big head…as with the first one, it is still a very obvious, non-subtle commentary…like I said works in progress, rough ideas that are the start of an iterative cycle

Second Semester Kick-Off Presentation

I’ll go through and post some relevant things, like documentation of prototyping, conceptual advancements, etc….

Here is the link to my presentation